Gem-al-a-gee, the essence of gemstones

SPA Tranquility Collection

About Us

Captivated by the beauty of semi-precious stones, The AS Fragrance Corporation creates exciting collections of luxury home sensory products based solely on their allure. From the varying purple tones of Amethyst to the multi-faceted coloring of Tiger Eye, each gemstone is matched to an exclusive fragrance profile and bottled or poured into products that are as unique as they are precious. Candles, Reed Diffusers, Linen Sprays and hand soaps all incorporating two vital ingredients, gemstones and fragrance. Choose from two collections, The Semi-Precious Home Collection (SP Home) which embodies an extensive product line with a minimalistic style or the SPA Tranquility Collection with its elegant, bold charm. Crafted in Southern California to inspire an overall sense of well-being, the collections appeal to both men and women –whether consumer, collector or gift giver.